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Wildflower | DIY Embroidery Kit


This Wildflower embroidery design is inspired by memories that blow past in the wind. A reminder to slow down, be in the moment with these blowing wildflowers. Capture your memories by including your own photo.

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Wildflower embroidery design inspiration

This Wildflower embroidery design is inspired by the similarities between memories and wildflowers. They share a striking resemblance in their ability to evoke deep emotions and transport us to a different time and place. Like wildflowers that bloom in unexpected corners, memories can surface unexpectedly, bringing forth a rush of nostalgia and a bittersweet longing. Both memories and wildflowers hold a timeless beauty, with memories capturing fleeting moments and wildflowers gracing landscapes with their ephemeral splendor. Just as wildflowers dot the landscape, memories add color and depth to our personal narratives, weaving a tapestry of moments we cherish and carry with us, long after they have passed.


Details about this embroidery kit

Capture your memories by including your own photo. Customize your design with a wallet or polaroid photo and the choice of displaying the finished piece portrait or horizontally. Make your own forget me not flowers embroidery artwork with our pattern specific instructional guide and all the materials provided.

So, find a cozy, relaxing spot to sit and get lost in this project. Or better yet, grab one for your friend and share the benefits of embroidery.

Level: Beginner

Stitches used in this design: 3


DIY KIT INCLUDES – everything you need except scissors

— Embroidery Needle

— DMC Thread

— Cotton Fabric (including a liner fabric layer)

— Printed Paper Template (both wallet and polaroid versions included)

— 5″ Embroidery Hoop

— Pattern Specific Instructional Guide

— Access to our Digital Embroidery Resource Library


This listing is for one full DIY embroidery kit only.

Pattern designed and kit packaged in PEI, Canada


Benefits of embroidery

  1. Lowers blood pressure and decreases heart rate
  2. Keeps your brain healthy
  3. Meditative form of art therapy
  4. Practice in mindfulness
  5. Builds confidence
  6. Self expression


For more embroidery designs and resources, visit Unraveling Joy – Embroidery.



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