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Bumblebee | ART PRINT


Bumble Bee Art Print created from an original embroidery design and work completed by Rebecca MacDonald on Fine Art Quality Paper.

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Details about this Bumble Bee Art Print

Art Print created from an original embroidery design and work completed by Rebecca MacDonald.

  • Signed on the front (unframed)
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Sleeved with a backing board for protection

Printed on Fine Art Quality Paper 330 gsm by a fellow small business in PEI, Canada.


Size: 8 x 8 inches

Shipping: In stock orders ship within 3 working days with tracking


This listing is for one physical Art Print only.


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Bumble bee embroidery design inspiration

The bumble bee’s gentle nature, coupled with their important ecological contributions, make them a cherished insect. Did you know that the bumble bee buzzing comes from the frequency at which the wings beat when they are collecting pollen? Their buzzing adds a delightful touch to the natural symphony of our gardens and is a sweet reminder of the important role they play in pollination. This design was inspired with the sound of summer, and the power of collaboration and teamwork amongst the bumble bee colonies.



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Questions? Contact Rebecca @ rebecca@unravelingjoy.com

© 2021 Rebecca MacDonald, All Rights Reserved

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